Sleep Better with Cpap
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As DHRS responds to the challenge of COVID-19, our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by this global event. We are deeply grateful to the individuals and communities working on the front lines to contain the situation. Please know that the health and safety of our staff and patients are our first priority. We are unable to see you in person until April 6th 2020. However, our telephones are manned and we will do all that we can do to support you on your PAP journey. We are pleased to mail you your CPAP supplies at no additional charge. We urge you to please call, 905-432-3477 for immediate assistance and support.
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Sleep Apnea, CPAP and ME

SLEEP APNEA (OSAS) is a common sleep disorder that often goes undiagnosed. It means “without breathing”. People with Sleep Apnea stop breathing repeatedly during sleep because of partial airways obstructions (hypopneas) or at times complete blockages (apneas) in their upper airway. An obstruction can be caused by extra tissue in the airway, small airways, a large tongue or a decrease in muscle tone in the muscles holding the airway open; thereby allowing a repeated intermittent collapse of the airway during sleep, and nocturnal choking.

Normal Airway

Compromised Airway

An unstable airway (hypopnea) is associated with a drop in oxygen of 3%. During Obstructive Apnea, the longer the airway is collapsed, the lowers the oxygen goes. A drop in oxygen of only 4% lower the your “awake Level” resulting in an increase in nocturnal blood pressure over 200 mm hg. A lack of oxygen during the night damages many cells of the body.

We at DHRS treat not only Obstructive Sleep Apnea but central Apnea and Mixed Apnea as well.

Home Apnea treatments utilizes CPAP-machines specifically designed to deliver a constant pressure and are very sophisticated now. CPAP is the “gold standard” treatment for Sleep Apnea. CPAP units have features that make your experience more comfortable and you more compliant with therapy. There is such a variety available. When we set you up, you may try whatever you like and what you like best is put into your package. Any mask purchased may be returned or exchanged within 30 days and a clinical refit at no charge.

Using a CPAP device may be frustrating at first as you try to become accustomed to it. This treatment is essential to avoid sleep-related complications as aforementioned. With time and patience and our help, PAP therapy can positively affect your life!